Kick Ass Cheese

Kick Ass Cheese
Kick-Ass cheese was first introduced for sale at the Lancaster Food & Drink Festival in April 2013. Sales and production have grown rapidly ever since. Kick-Ass cheese is the creation of husband and wife partnership Tim & Sue Procter. The Kick-Ass brand is part of Procter’s Cheeses Limited, a cheese factoring business based in the picturesque village of Chipping, Lancashire. The name Kick-Ass cheese came to be when Tim & Sue were selling cheese at a farmers market in West Lancashire. A regular customer who loved Tim’s mature cheddar, came to the stall and asked for some of “that Kick-Ass cheese”!! Our reply was “it’s not Kick-Ass, its Procter’s”….and from that brief conversation the idea was born. The Procter family have been making cheese in Lancashire for 80 years or more. The family still does, but have also diversified into a successful cheese factoring business. Always looking to build on previous success, we now see this new branding as further diversification with the creation of the Kick-Ass cheese brand.
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