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Aubergines - 2 pack

Aubergines - 2 pack

Aubergines - 2 pack


Banana King Aubergines - 500g

Banana King stocks aubergines that have been grown locally from fresh produce suppliers because this way we know that our aubergines are going to taste succulent. An aubergine is a fruit, a berry to be even more precise, but we have known it to be vegetable over the years. This is why it is in the vegetable category on our website. Aubergines originally came from south East Asia however, as time has passed aubergines are produced all over the world and are now stocked here at Banana King.

Fresh aubergines from Banana King

Banana King not only gives you an extraordinary choice of vegetables but they can also provide you with fruit baskets that can be sent straight to your door. These fruit baskets are filled with different kinds of delicious fruit and they can be very useful as gift for a friend or relative. So order your fruit basket today by visiting our website and going on the fruit baskets category. Order your fresh aubergines today and get them delivered to your doorstep instantly.

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