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Black Seedless Grape - 500g

Black Seedless Grape - 500g

Black Seedless Grape - 500g


Extra Sweet grapes

Banana King stores this juicy delight because black grapes are known to be an excellent snack when someone is feeling peckish. This allows people to stop picking at the wrong foods as black grapes don’t just fill you up but they also provide your body with the right nutrients such as vitamin E. Blackberries are perfect for anyone who enjoys a sweet tasting sensation in their mouth, as the tangy flavour of the black grape complements the taste buds producing a mouth-watering experience for the consumer.

Fresh black seedless grapes from Banana King

Banana King not only supplies you with these fresh lovely black grapes but Banana King fresh produce suppliers can also deliver fruit baskets to your door instantly. These fruit baskets are brilliant for any special occasion and it can be a nice alternative if you want to send a gift to a friend or relative. Order your own black grapes today by visiting the soft fruit section and Banana King will deliver it to your home as soon as possible.

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