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Blackberries - Punnet

Blackberries - Punnet

Blackberries - Punnet

Size of punnet varies due to changing seasons.

Blackberries, available from fresh produce suppliers Banana King, are a deep purple almost black coloured berry. Wonderfully juicy, Banana King Blackberries are excellent raw (for the straight from the hedge taste!) but are just as tasty cooked. Either way the Banana King Blackberries are bursting with vitamin C which is good for the body’s health. The Blackberries from Banana King often come from local fresh produce suppliers, making our Blackberries more succulent and juicy as they don’t travel as far.

Fresh Blackberries From Banana King

When storing fresh blackberries arrange them on a layer of kitchen paper on a plate, so that they don't crush each other, and store them in the fridge. When you are ready to eat the blackberries take them out of the fridge an hour before needed, so that they're at room temperature. Remember as with most soft fruits blackberries need eating within a couple of days of buying.

Banana King not only supply a great range of soft fruits but also produce fresh luxury fruit baskets which are a nice alternative present for any occasion from birthdays to anniversaries. Order fresh blackberries online today and enjoy fresh produce supplied by Banana King.

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