Blue Stilton Cheese (220g Pack)

Blue Stilton Cheese By Long Clawson (200g Pack)

Here at Banana King fresh produce suppliers, we have one of our very finest cheeses, Blue Stilton made expertly by Long Clawson. This particular cheese is made in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir by cheese makers who are experts in what they do. No single piece of cheese is simply passed through the manufacturing process, instead each cheese is carefully graded and hand-selected in order to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers. The Stilton is matured for around eight weeks and at this point, begins to take on certain characteristics such as crumbling, boldness of flavor, and a distinct sense of cream.

Long Clawson Blue Stilton Cheese

This is quite a special kind of cheese, and it can be quite difficult to find in many parts of the country now. Long Clawson is actually one of only five dairies that still produce this Blue Stilton cheese, due to the cheese’s Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Meaning that the locally made cheeses can only be manufactured within a certain region – this gives the cheese certain unique properties.

So as you can probably already tell, this cheese is quite unique. Long Clawson have done an excellent job of producing this cheese, and you can really tell in the taste. You’ll be able to know that you have the perfect Blue Stilton cheese if you look for blue veins that will radiate from the center.

In order to preserve the quality of this Blue Stilton cheese, Long Clawson only use local farmers that reduce the food miles. This is the same reason why we are only offering local delivery of our Blue Stilton cheese, we want to keep food mileage low so that you can enjoy the great quality taste of Blue Stilton!

Banana King Fresh Produce Suppliers

Banana King fresh produce suppliers not only supply a great range of local cheeses but also supply fresh luxury fruit baskets which are a nice alternative gift for any occasion. Order Blue Stilton Cheese By Long Clawson online today and enjoy fresh produce supplied by Banana King.

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