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Ferrero Rocher Perfection

If a girl loves a guy or a guy loves a girl, probably one of the most obvious ways he or she could express their feelings is by feeding each other strawberries. The simplest way of going about this is by serving Banana King strawberries with whipped cream for dessert. An alternative to strawberries with cream is strawberries coated in chocolate, a double aphrodisiac, as chocolate is another well known food associated with love and passion./p>

Better still would be to combine scrumptious strawberries from Banana King fresh produce suppliers with tempting layers of Ferrero Rocher, a whole hazelnut with smooth chocolaty cream inside a wafer shell covered in milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces. If your feeling really naughty, you could entice the love of your life into engaging in a so-called strawberry kiss. How is this done we hear you ask? You cut up a handful of Banana King strawberries and pop a large piece in your mouth – but without chewing or swallowing it. You then gets your partner to try to pry the strawberry from your mouth using their own mouth. Alternate between strawberries and Ferrero Rochers for an extra bit of fun....

These are limited stocks so order a Ferrero Rocher Perfection valentine fruit basket online today and find out for yourself if strawberries and chocolates are really the recipe for love...

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